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Category: » Training weapons and accessories » Clothing for Martial Arts » Footwear

Tabi Indoor - leather sole

Tabi Indoor - leather sole
Light Tabi boots. Made with cotton and black leather sole, with velcro fasteners.
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Additional photos:
Additional photos: Tabi Indoor - leather sole   
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ID: GTTF210CL_36
Points: 1Product information file at
Size:23,5 cm
14,00 EUR
In stock
ID: GTTF210CL_37
Points: 1Product information file at
Size:24 cm
14,00 EUR
In stock
ID: GTTF210CL_38
Points: 1Product information file at
Size:24,5 cm
14,00 EUR
In stock
ID: GTTF210CL_39
Points: 1Product information file at
Size:24 cm
14,00 EUR
In stock
ID: GTTF210CL_40
Points: 1Product information file at
Size:24,5-25 cm
14,00 EUR
In stock
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