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Ankle/Wrist Weights - Blue (GTTG412)  
Ankle/Wrist Weights - Blue (GTTG412) Points: 3  
Ankle/Wrist Weights - 4,5kg(10lbs) - pair.
  21,00 EUR

Escrima Stick - White Wax (400-051)  
Escrima Stick - White Wax (400-051) Points: 1  
Unique and durable. Spiral burn pattern.
  11,00 EUR

Graphite Escrima (302-067)  
Graphite Escrima (302-067) Points: 2  
Smooth, metallic paint finish.
In stock 27,00 EUR

Kung Fu Slippers - Black  
Kung Fu Slippers - Black Points: 1   Clearance sale
Lined with comfortable cotton and constructed with brown plastic sole for longer life. Black canvas upper.

Kung Fu Uniform - Black Deluxe  
Kung Fu Uniform - Black Deluxe Points: 3   Clearance sale
Black mandarin jacket, collar, cuffs, Chinese toggle fastenings. Trousers black straight leg design. Elastic/Tie waist. 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Rubber Training Gun (301-007)  
Rubber Training Gun (301-007)
Rubber training gun, yellow colour, realistic shape.
  11,00 EUR

Speed Jump Rope - Black (305-006)  
Speed Jump Rope - Black (305-006) Points: 1  
Speed Jump Rope - lightweight, flexible, 9'.5" length.
  7,00 EUR

Ash Wood Tonfa  
Ash Wood Tonfa Points: 2  
Hardwood tonfa(ash), natural, sold in pairs.
Sold Out


Black Tonfa  
Black Tonfa Points: 1  
Hardwood tonfa(red oak), black, sold in pairs.
Sold Out


Escrima Stick - Rattan (302-015)  
Escrima Stick - Rattan (302-015) Points: 1  
Escrima stick with spiral burn pattern, rattan.
Sold Out


Graphite Kama (302-066)  
Graphite Kama (302-066) Points: 3   Additional photo in details view
Smooth, metallic paint finish. Aerodynamically grooved alloy blades. Wrist slings are attached for a better hold. 6.5" blade, 14" handle, sold in pairs.
Sold Out


Graphite Kama (302-102)  
Graphite Kama (302-102) Points: 1  
Aerodynamically grooved alloy blades. Wrist slings are attached for a better hold. 7" blade, 14" handle., sold in pairs.
Sold Out


Graphite Tapered Bo (302-100)  
Graphite Tapered Bo (302-100) Points: 3   Additional photo in details view
Graphite Tapered Bo - Smooth, Metallic paint finish. 1" diameter, centre tapers to 0.5" at the ends. 72" length.
Sold Out


Kama case (400-018)  
Kama case (400-018) Points: 1  
Black vinyl exterior with soft cloth lining and zipper closer. Elastic straps to hold the blades and adjustable hook and loop straps to hold the handles. Centre dividing flap to prevent direct contact. Adjustable nylon shoulder strap. All our kama fit this handy case.
Sold Out


Kung Fu Trousers - Black  
Kung Fu Trousers - Black Points: 2  
Elasticated cuffed ankle design. Elastic/Tie waist, preshrunk, 9 ounce.
60% cotton, 40% poliester
Size: A: 160cm, B: 170cm, C: 180cm, D: 190cm
Sold Out


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